#Emprendedores : 6 Entrepreneurs You Should Learn From Now

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Everyone has a different reason for being an entrepreneur, and every entrepreneur is different. However, the underlying entrepreneurial DNA that holds us all together is consistent: We have a healthy appetite for risk, we can solve problems, we thrive in uncertainty, we overcome all types of adversity, we think outside the box, we inspire masses and we believe in our dreams. We see the world in a unique way, and will stop at nothing to shape the world.

I’m pro entrepreneur. I think everyone who has ever thought about being an entrepreneur should at least give it a shot. I love learning from other entrepreneurs, hearing their successes and failures.

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Here’s a short list of some of my favorite entrepreneurs to learn from and where to read their insights:

1.Neil Patel
Patel is a digital marketing monster, and there’s a reason that he’s on top of the list. The best part about Patel is he breaks down and blueprints everything. He literally gives you the step-by-step plans of action to accomplish whatever topic he’s discussing. His last blog post was how to create $1 million from your blog, with actual steps and directions. I’ve been a big fan of his work for some time, and am excited to see him continue his success.

You can find him on his personal blog at or one of his business blogs.

2. Noah Kagan
Kagan was the 30th employee at Facebook (he was also fired and lost $100 million in potential income, which he talks about openly). He then helped grow Mint.com, and has built a community dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with AppSumo. His content is practical by nature, and he provides useful tips, tricks, tools and hacks to help build and grow your startup. Plus, he provides some cool lessons about life and business along the way. P.S. he loves and writes about tacos too.

You can find him on his blog.

3. Jason Lemkin
Lemkin was the founder of Echosign (the digital signature company), which was acquired by Adobe. He is a partner of Storm Ventures, which is an early stage fund. He is an amazing resource for anything software as a service and startup related. He has a great blog, but I’ve found his most insightful advice to be on his endless answers he provides on Quora.

Here is his profile on Quora.

4. Kevin Rose
Rose is most notably known for started and selling Digg. He recently left Google Ventures and has continued back on his personal entrepreneurial journey. I love hearing the stories of entrepreneurs, and with his show Foundation, he has interviewed many now high profile founders. Foundation has been over for some time, but all of his shows are on YouTube.

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You can find his shows on his personal Youtube channel and also Google Venture’s Youtube channel.

5. James Altucher
Altucher is like that crazy uncle everyone tries to stay away from, but is drawn in because his stories are just too interesting. Plus, he’s as equally intelligent as he is crazy, so there’s always something to learn. He talks about overcoming failure, building great companies and everything in between (including lots of personal information). Reading any one of his blog posts will most likely get you hooked.

You can find his writings here.

6. Joel Gascoigne
Sometimes you just need an entrepreneur to skip the BS and keep it 100 percent real. Meet Gascoigne, founder of Buffer. He explains the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and gives life lessons and advice.

You can find him on his blog.

Everything you see has been the result of an idea. Look around your desk. That computer you’re typing on, that chair you’re sitting in, that cell phone you just checked to see if you received any Instagram notifications, everything started as an idea. Why not make yours real?

We’re in the most exclusive club in the history of the world. Our members have changed history in every which way, in every generation and will continue to do so until the end of time. Be proud.

If you want to connect with other entrepreneurs, come join this private Facebook group I created. You can request an invite here.

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Source: www.entrepreneur.com

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