#GrowthHacking : More Growth Hacking Strategies

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More Growth Hacking Strategies

So now that we have made the case for the necessity, let’s talk specific Growth Hacking Strategies 101.

1. Teaching is the New Marketing

Teach people how to do something better. There are many websites out there like Udemy that have huge user bases. Create a video tutorial course and give it away for free. You will earn the trust of users, be able to promote your brand, direct traffic to your website and then offer your products and services.

2. The Trip Wire

Neil Patel, another incredible mind in the field who has consulted for just about every big brand you can think of including Google, has deployed this strategy for all these big companies. The way it works is to give something away for free to collect an email address. Again, you are earning trust. Next you give them an irresistible offer for next to nothing, say $1. Finally, after you have established a relationship with these individuals, shown them the value you offer and created a “buyer thought pattern” associated with your company, you pitch them the products / services you want them to buy.

3. A/B Test Everything

This one is a generalized strategy, but I included it because it is so imperative. You always have to be improving your messaging and results. If you are not A/B testing you will be stuck in one place. A/B testing is when you use 2 different variables, for example opt-in forms. Which ever form performs better you keep and scrap the other one. You then create a new variable (form) and test it against the previous winner, and so on. This way you are continuously improving your results.

4. Have a Strategy for Going Viral

When most people think about “Going Viral” they think it is something that just happened by chance, and sometimes it does. However, most of the company backed projects that go viral had a strategy that was well executed, measured and improved upon. An example would be targeting a specific social network you have seen high returns from in the past and offering a discount to anyone who is about to make a purchase and shares that product or service on your targeted social network.

5. Target Specific Industries

We offer a DIY SEO Software and instead of advertising to anyone and everyone who Google’s a broad related search term like SEO Software, which is what all our competitors are doing, we advertise specifically to certain industries and tell them why our solutions is what they need for their specific vertical.

6. Get Involved in Q&A Websites

This is a combination of #1 and developing trust. If you answer industry related questions and provide real value through education you will gain the trust of those who read your content. This trust is one of the most valuable commodities a business can ask for. It is the reason that personal referrals convert far and above higher than any other acquisition method.

7. Use Retargeting Marketing on Google, YouTube and Facebook

Retargeting is a way to reach people who have previously visited your website. All you need to do is install a few lines of code into the footer of every page of your website. Next you will need to set up a remarketing campaign on Google, YouTube and/or Facebook. You will need some display banner ads. What happens is these ads are served up to people on other websites who have previously visited yours. You are charged a cost per click, but it is relatively low and the conversion rates are relatively high.

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