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For the third year in a row, the Internet of Things has dominated CES. More than 900 companies out of 3,800 at the show said they had Internet of Things products. Andrew Begin at Mirum observed that the IoT has “caught fire in a big way” and Perry Simpson at Direct Marketing predicted that the IoT will solidify “from marketing dream to full on marketing channel.”

But not everybody was impressed: “IoT remains mired in smart light bulbs, net-connected cameras and wireless speakers,” opined Andrew Tarantola at Engadget, “the same sorts of bland, iterative use cases we’ve been seeing since the term was first coined.” Pam Baker at FierceBigData complained that “IoT data products were again in overdrive, many in outright overkill, and the same problems with data deluge still existed,” and Todd Hixon offered this on Forbes: “The fundamental problem is, there is still no killer app for IOT: something a large group of customers really care about and just have to have.”

So what’s the state-of-the-IoT and where is it going? Here’s a summary of data and predictions from Forrester, Machina Research, the World Economic Forum (WEF), Gartner, and IDC (see a list of specific sources at the end of this post).

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