10 tips for leaders new to #growthhacking

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Everyone is talking about growth hacking and there is good reason for it, it’s not a new concept however it is becoming increasingly more important in the daily life of a marketer. People and businesses are becoming more and more successful as technology is advancing, so these tips are aimed to help leaders grow their businesses whilst also aiming to create a loyal customer base.

1. Make attempts

Attempting something and not giving up is one of the most fundamental  factors for growth hacking. You need to try something to then be able to, test it, learn from it and move ahead. You may not succeed in your first attempt, but it will help you to gain experience and knowledge and next time you will have learnt from these failed attempts and not make the same mistake twice.

2. Always have a plan

Planning is another important factor for growth hacking; without plans for the test you run growth cannot be achieved.  It is much harder for you to reach the desired outcome if you don’t know what you goals were in the first place.  So, planning is one of the factors that dominate the world of growth hacking with smart leaders generally setting out a plan before they start something. They start by analyzing the situation and then set the plan, working out what troubles may arise and how to overcome these issues making it easier for them to reach their goals.

3. Set yourself goals

If you truly want to get success, you need to have goals. Goals allow you to have something to aim for and keep you on track when you are completing tasks. Setting yourself these goals gives you ultimate aims every time you are completing a task and everything you do will contribute towards the goals you have set meaning your path will be clearer to follow and in-turn this will help with growth. For example if you have a plan and it doesn’t quite work out how you expected, your goals will allow you to look at alternatives and see what other paths there may be to get the same outcome.

4. Review your progress

It’s vital to keep track whilst you’re running an activity – rather than just measuring success at the end. It is worth having  a check-list to see if you are advancing at key times for your campaign. Then if there is no significant progress, or you’re behind where you expected to be then you can seek out what is causing the lagging behind.  Taking this test and learn approach is a must for any  smart leader managing growth-hacking activities.

5. Be open to new ideas

If you want to be a smart with your Growth Hack techniques, you have to think differently from others. The trick is to regularly read what others have tried and tested, reflect on how these could be applied for your venture, then think creatively to implement them.

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10 tips for leaders new to #growthhacking

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