#Growth Hacking tips for online stores

Negocios Online

Want to start growth hacking? Here are my personal favorite tips you need to start doing.

1. Be social! Nothing sells your product better than your happy customers sharing their stories. Social proof imply that your business seeks to be closer to customers in order to be more personal and less cold and corporative looking. How to hack this part?

Have testimonials. Nobody likes braggers, but when someone from the outside approves what you do, it creates a feeling of trust. People tend to make decisions easier if they see that someone has already trusted you and was satisfied about that decision. And don’t forget to display testimonials somewhere visible.. like in your front page!
Case studies. This could help to generate a lot of traffic, people just love success stories, and having one also helps when your new customer is making a decision and probably being a bit skeptical. Simply showing how real people or companies are using your product and how good and beneficial it can be doesn’t leave space for wrong interpretation. Let the real stories and numbers speak for themselves!
2. Clean home page. Don’t overload your home page with too many links, call to action, promotions, images, videos and stuff. Probably most of your visitors come not directly to your home page, but to different parts of your website. So don’t get them confused when they enter your homepage to find out what’s the website all about.

3. Separating the way you treat your customers. Do you have a different strategy for your loyal customers and the ones who bought or tried your service for the first time? If you don’t you should. Keep in mind that new customers are always skeptical so you have to put an extra effort in providing them an excellent experience.

Guide them through your website. Show where to find everything and how it works, so they can feel “at home” without having a doubt about payment or shipping terms. You can create a tour with popups briefly explaining your store’s features.
The Holy Grail of every growth hacker is to create a viral loop. It means that every single customer brings another one. Viral loops will always ensure rapid growth and a circle of loyal customers that will promote your business for you. Just like Dropbox did with promoting their users to ask friends to join Dropbox and in that way get more free space!

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Growth Hacking tips for online stores

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