#Growth Hacking for Beginners by @SoLoMoGrowth

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Growth hacking is a term that’s tossed around a lot in small business startups. There are lots of mixed ideas about what growth hacking is, but its really simple: growth hacking is finding growth in unexpected places.

In the early stages of a startup, you don’t need a marketing team to manage you – because there is nothing to market or manage. And advertising your small business in a big way is often impossible due to limited, self-funded resources. As a solopreneur you are forced to exercise your creativity, ingenuity and outside-the-box thinking to skyrocket your enterprise to success. Enter Growth Hacking!

We know in small business the only metric that matters, is money – and money comes from growth. Sure, building relationships, getting involved in social media, growing an email list and all of those things you to do to build your business, boiled down, with all the flair stripped away, comes down to conversions and making money. We are in business to make money, that’s the bottom line.

So growth hacking is someone who thinks outside the box when it comes to traditional marketing, sales and advertising. They use every possible avenue to build growth. Every move made has one end result in mind – the bottom line.

Growth hackers recognize the world has moved online, and instead of pushing traditional advertising out into the world, they pull clients in through clever uses of the internet and social media.

Growth Hacking includes a person who:
Optimizes their social media profiles
They target a couple specific social media platforms to reach their intended audience.
They are on the cutting edge of new apps, new software and new social media platforms – always trying to find creative ways to reach new prospects.
They learn the language and rules of the new mediums, and since they are usually the first to try them out, they are the ones to create “best practices and protocols” figuring out what works and what doesn’t through tracking and analytics.
They have learned to integrate a CTA (Call to Action) with every post, blog, photo, and newsletter to draw in more prospects.
They don’t spend money they don’t have to. A dollar saved is a dollar earned.
They don’t reinvent the wheel, instead they learn from the successes and failures of others.
They find other successful people in their field, and instead of competing with them, partner with them.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: magicmarketingmix.com

#Growth Hacking for Beginners by @SoLoMoGrowth

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