What is #Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking … Today it’s hard to talk about startup development, customer acquisition and online presence without hearing about Growth Hacking – HG for intimates. 

#Growth Hacking by @sercompetitivos & @solomogrowthSome people think it is just a 2016 viral buzz word and it will soon disappear, other will tell you it’s the new title for young salesmen (I heard this one a few times).The thing is there are new jobs every day that didn’t exist a few years ago. It is certainly normal for you and me to have friends working as community managers, but our parents (for sure mine) don’t know what that means. It’s the same for Growth Hacking, not everyone is familiar with the concept, but in 5 years most of the companies will be advertising growth hacking jobs. Actually, we start seeing growth hacker position on jobs boards, generally from innovative startups.

Not convinced? Let’s clear it up now! What the hell is growth Hacking?

“Growth Hacking is A marketing technique initially employed in tech startups that use creativity, social metrics and analytical thinking as well as tools to sell products and gain exposure”
– Vincent Dignan, Founder at Magnific, Growth Hacking speaker
Ok now in practice what does this mean? What a Growth Hacker does during his/her day? A Growth Hacker, as his/her name says, is focused on growth. He or she is a marketer specialised (not to say obsessed) by growth, who knows and researches all the new tools and tricks, especially those most people haven’t heard about yet, to give more exposure to your startup. 

Growth Hacker goals are:  to get exposure, use this exposure to bring people into a predefined path and actions, then retain users bringing them back to your product.

1.Get exposure 

There are many tools we can use to gain exposure. No startups or project can use it all, so first, we have to define our audience and listen where our public is. If our target audience is 60+ male, don’t waste our time on Pinterest or social media. (see my future post coming about social media target). Remember, Growth Hacking is not about using all trendy available tools, it’s about using the right tools to reach your audience and minimum investment. 
► SEO, Ads, Blog, Social Media, Emailing, Presentations, Podcasts, Competitions, Affiliates programme …

2.Bring the audience into our funnel

Once people are on our website, we have to guide them to the product and to the company’s objectives. It is not manipulation it is marketing optimization. There is no point to work hard to get people to your website if there is not a specific path defined.
► UX (user experience), Awesome Signup/member page, emailing strategy, Gamification, Promotion, Free Trial, Calls to Action.

3.Get users interact again with our product/service

Keeping in touch with our audience is key, and it has to be a two-way relation. , bring it regularly in contact with our product or on our website and monetize this relationship and activate referral.
► Emailing, Contest, Notifications, Drip Campaigns (emails sent automatically at preselected intervals), Freebies, Support, Community Management.

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What is #Growth Hacking?

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