#EMail Marketing as #Growth Hacking is Better Than Social Media @SoLoMoGrowth

Now, email is an incredible tool. It is checked multiple times a day by people who monitor their accounts and your message is delivered directly to the person without the “social media clutter.” Here are the main reasons why email marketing is better than social media: 85% of people on the internet use email. Only 62% of people use social media. Engagement is higher. The average newsletter of 10,000 should get anywhere from 20-30% engagement in which most social media outlets only get 1.6% (depending on traffic and messaging). Why? Because of the social media CLUTTER and NOISE! Email is made for business. Think about it. Email marketing is business, social media is personal. Why would you try to mix personal with business? Consumers EXPECT business emails, they do not EXPECT social media business. They use social media to connect with friends, family, and entertainment. Simple Numbers: There are 3 TIMES the number of EMAIL accounts to Facebook & Twitter combined. A total of 2.9 Billion people in the world. So, why would you ignore the channel that the MAJORITY of people use?

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.snaptactix.com

#EMail Marketing as #Growth Hacking is Better Than Social Media @SoLoMoGrowth

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